Jose Garza

Ph.D. student in Music Theory at FSU
M.M. in Music Theory from Texas State University
Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Texas State University

Jose's research interests include popular music at large — with a predilection for rhythm and meter in contemporary metal and hardcore music — and post-2000 art-music literature such as that for wind band and percussion solo and ensemble. He has presented at the Joint Annual Meeting of Music Theory Southeast and the South Central Society for Music Theory, Texas State's International Research Conference for Graduate Students, the American Musicological Society Southwest Conference, and the College Music Society South Central Conference. He also participated in the 2013 Society for Music Theory Graduate Student Workshop Program with Justin London on metric well-formedness.

Jose is a classically-trained percussionist, non-classically-trained rock vocalist, and guitarist/bassist in self-training. He enjoys listening to, analyzing, writing about, composing, teaching, and performing music.