Gillian Robertson

Doctoral Candidate, PhD Music Theory (ABD)- FSU; M.A. Music Theory - University of Western Ontario; BMus Wilfrid Laurier University

Research interests: Gillian is interested in the application of narrative theory to nineteenth- and twentieth-century theme and variation sets. Her dissertation focuses on the application of narrative archetypes to a collection of variation sets based on Paganini's Caprice Op. 1, No. 24 in A minor. Her other research interests include Schenkerian analysis, nineteenth-century form, and the music of Rachmaninoff.

Conference Presentations: Gillian has presented her research at the 31st Annual FSU Music Theory Forum, the 36th Annual Texas Society for Music Theory Conference (TSMT), and the 23rd Music Theory Southeast Conference (MTSE). She will also be giving her paper, “Brahms’s Emergent Identity: A Narrative Interpretation of Variations on a Theme by Paganini, op. 35, Book I" at the AMS/SMT Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, WI (Fall 2014).