Cara Stroud

Third-year Ph.D. student - FSU; M.M. and B.Mus. in Music Theory, University of North Texas

Research interests: Cara specializes in twentieth-century music, and has written on "expansion processes" in Sofia Gubaidulina's First String Quartet (1971) and the use of twelve-tone technique in Samuel Barber's Piano Sonata and Nocturne. She is currently beginning research for her dissertation on narrative and discontinuity in music after 1960. Cara has conducted research in the Sofia Gubaidulina collection at the Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel, Switzerland. She is also interested in form in popular music, and she will present her research on post-2000 dance-pop tracks at the upcoming 2014 GAMuT Graduate Student Conference and the 2015 Society for American Music conference. Cara also enjoys playing the cello and preparing gourmet food and baked goods.